MOOC project is financed by the “Europe for citizens” program (measure “networks of towns”) which aims at gathering local authorities and NGOs to develop activities, discuss Europe and develop/strengthen networks. The 2015 objective of the project was to create a debate about the future of Europe.

There is a total of 9 partners from 8 countries: France, Denmark, Belgium, Albania, Germany, Romania, Slovakia and Spain

The project is called: MOOC4EU (in French: Minorités, Orientations, Outils, Coopération pour un dialogue européen / in English: MOOC for a European dialogue). The title mixes, on one hand, a MOOC (in good English: Massive Open Online Course) that will be created by the end of the project, and on the other hand the main objective of the project which is the involvement of minorities from different countries in a European dialogue.


The European Union is a diverse territory composed of many different ethnic groups and religions. Considering the current European context, the terrorist attacks in Paris, Copenhagen and Brussels and the tensions between communities, it is necessary to develop intercultural dialogues and implement tools to reinforce ways of living together.

To do so, the general objective of the project is to develop intercultural dialogues about the future of Europe between citizens. The project will create a space for dialogue about several themes dealing with the current situation of minorities and will strengthen the feeling of belonging and European citizenship.

The project issues are:

  • -to create a space for dialogue facilitating the intercultural dialogue process;
  • -to foster civic engagement, by reinforcing structured dialogue with local, regional, national and European representatives;
  • -to communicate and broadcast useful ways and tools helping the targeted individual group to become a pro-active citizen in the European Union (through a MOOC);
  • -to develop European citizenship, by bringing contents on European institutions and policies, by promoting the meeting of citizens from 8 different countries who maybe share common issues, and by transmitting a formal document to the European Commission representing their contribution to European construction.


The project goes with eight pedagogical videos (from 6 to 8mn) easy to reach on the internet. These videos explain through the dialogue between citizens and professionals how Europe works and the rights of European citizens. These videos have been made by the partners of the project and are meant to be the completion of the project without being its end since they are a pedagogical output to be used to inform people who have difficulty to reach information.

The project impact: quantitatively speaking there are 420 persons that have benefited from the content, the indirect beneficiaries are even more.

The benefit of the project and of its method is extended through multiples projects shared by the partners whose goals are to work with a more specific public: minorities, people with foreign origins, representatives of locals and nationals politics in order to facilitate social, educational and professional integration.

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