Training for teachers (trainers) on countering & prevention of radicalism and violent extremism

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Golem, Durres – 14-18 May 2018.  Within the project “A caravan for social challenges! A caravan for your  empowerment” , "OPEN DOORS" Center in cooperation with  7 schools of Cerrik:  Aleks Buda, Tomor Sinani, Drita Como, 7 Marsi, Gostime, Shtermen dhe High School of Shals   conducted a four  day training on violent radicalism in co-operation with Municipality of Durres, the Albanian Muslim Committee, the Albanian State Police. The training aimed at increasing teacher’s knowledge to better understand the concepts of violent extremism & radicalization and enabling them to know about ways to treat education to prevent extremist behaviors closely related to education for dialogue and intercultural understanding, peaceful conflict resolution. Training also aimed at exploring effective ways of cooperation with local governments, CSOs, Universities, local businesses to prevent violence, extreme conflict resolution and to foster democratic models of school community development. The teachers strengthened their  competences and  increased their knowledge  needed for transferring the knowledge and tools they acquired to their peers through delivering multiplying workshop sessions of one day, to their respective schools.

Through various activities, discussions participants found out how they themselves might have a role to deliver social understanding and peaceful coexistence in their community. This activity was developed in the framework of sub-granting scheme of the project “Civil Society Countering Violent Extremism” financed by EU and implemented by the Albanian Helsinki Committee and Together for Life association.

“This document has been produced in the context of the project “A Caravan for Social Challenges! A Caravan for your Empowerment” implemented by “OPEN DOORS” with the financial supported from the project “Civil Society Countering Violent Extremism” with funds of the European Union. The contents of this document are the sole responsibility of OPEN DOORS and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the of AHC nor the European Union”


The “Open Doors” Center aims to provide its contribution to the creation and strengthening of bridges of cooperation in the fields of culture, social and economic development between civil society’s organizations within Euro- Mediterranean Region.

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